Place of the event: Cyprus, Paralimni

Date: 12 December 2018

Presenter:  Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP

Organizer: Life Psychology Club

Find out about the healing and transformative power of Core Evolution

For almost 40 years now, we work in Core Evolution in the framework of Humanistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology to address the needs of a person and to understand the different states of consciousness including the integration of Western Psychology and Eastern spiritual traditions.

We unify knowledge and intuition, science and the wisdom of the heart, psychology and philosophy. We explore the interconnectedness of life processes as they manifest in the unity of body, emotions, mind, will, and consciousness.

Core Evolution explores the Body-MInd-Field and addresses the:

  • The physical body – its structure, and the dynamic expression through movement;
    • Emotions and Feelings – how you process our inner and outer impulses;
    • The Mind – in understanding, knowing, being aware and structuring your thinking;
    • The Will – the faculty that gives energy its direction;
    • Expanding the limitation of the personality and realizing choices;
    • Connect with your intention in life and access insight, inspiration and vision;
    • Practice in Being – Awareness and Mindfulness;
    • The Field of Consciousness – allowing you the perception of the totality of existence, which is perceived and expressed as the flow of love and experienced as essence, unity and oneness.

Dr. Gerken will also present his research in Infrared Analysis and Bio-Photon Measurements to document, that we are all beings of light.

After his near death experience in early years he committed to bring light into people’s body-mind-field and he devoted his life to develop and teach

tools for transformation that helps you to:

  • Find your inner ground of knowing your essential being and relate to others from this true self;

• Safely move patterns of Developmental Trauma or Schock Trauma into enriching creativity;
• Increase the capacity for self-regulation and further emotional independence;
• Explore, understand and if needed restructure the many aspects of Self;
• Deepen the trust in life and move your full potential;
• Embody your spiritual nature and the Field of Consciousness;
• Center in Mindfulness and Celebrate Life!

Our teaching and practice in Core Evolution follows Abram Maslow’s expression “The farther reaches of human nature”, to facilitate expansive states of awareness and awakening experiences and to lead them to integration in the person’s personal and professional