Место проведение: Паралимни, Кипр

Дата проведения:  14 декабря 2018

Язык обучения: английский (русский перевод)

Ведущий: Михаэль де Гланвилле

The introduction of Conscious Connected Breathwork into the flowing dynamic of a Watsu warm water flotation session brings together two powerful physical practices, both of which are renowned for their stress dissolving capabilities. The following invitation may give some form to the charmed environment created by this fusion.

«Come, spoil yourself in fluid bliss, your body beauty surrounded in liquid warmth, surrendered, vulnerable, mind and spirit abandoned to the gentle strokes of water’s touch. The undulating motions, rippled by the caress of the breeze, supple as seaweed in a rolling ocean swell. The calm, contented heartbeat of your being dancing with movements tuned to the rhythm of the breath.

Stretch out in the heat of sun-kissed water, floating, balanced, breathing and centred in the circle of the pool. Water’s soft embracing flow will do its work, soothing away body aches and mind stress. Whilst you, buoyant, immersed, trusting as an embryo in-utero, you simply let go, releasing your faithful pulsing spirit to drift and be hushed in the familiar embrace of the love and silent emptiness of the bringer of inner peace.»

So why is waterbreath fusion so effective in creating deep relaxation? Consider the unborn babies’ initial experiences whilst gradually evolving into consciousness. Never hungry, it is immersed in warm fluid, embraced by the comforting touch of the silky walls of the womb, listening to the muffled, familiar tone of mother’s voice closely connecting with the trusting, blissed-out baby within her womb. The steady reassuring ‘thu-thump’ of her heartbeat along with the backing sounds of her breathing are probably at the origins of humanities’ love of rhythm and music.

WaterBreath fusion purposefully re-creates a trustful encounter with the sensations of innocent touch and immersion in warm water, together with the rhythmic sounds and effects of conscious breathing because these are feelings which will have become powerful associative triggers in the grown adult’s life, capable of generating the deep states of relaxation and the feelings of ease and open-hearted contentment which were first experienced in the blissful environment of the mother’s womb. Breathwork therapists will be familiar with the altered mind states often accessed during breathing sessions and I have witnessed an ease of access to similar mind states when conscious connected breathing has been present during a Watsu session.

The team of Viola Edward, Layla Edward and Michael de Glanville, holistic therapists at Kayana International, will be running intensive and modular residential training programs in Cyprus during 2019, on the subjects of Breathwork and Waterbreath Fusion.