Place of the event: Cyprus, Paralimni

Date: 24 November 2018

Guided meditation by Leila El Moria

Organizer: Life Psychology Club

Why Meditating In Nature Is Easier

There’s nothing like nature to bring you back to your Self and connect you to your senses.

For centuries meditators have discovered the human potential to awaken in the temple of nature; that’s why many monasteries and meditation centers are located within the depths of forests and jungles.

When we meditate in nature, we bring a receptive presence to the natural world. It comes alive—and so do we. We no longer look at nature as an inert or pretty object, but as a living and breathing world of mystery and sensitivity, a realm of wisdom and learning that is always whispering its teachings to us. By watching the resilience of pines swaying in a storm, the patience of a silkworm as it threads its way slowly skyward to a high branch, or the busy cheer of songbirds living simply in the present, we learn from nature’s innumerable metaphors about how we too can live well.

Feel the Connection to the Natural World

Too often the habits of our daily lives cut us off from the natural world. Yet the reality is that we are intimately joined to it. Like the planet itself, our bodies, too, are mostly made up of water!

Focusing your attention on the everyday gifts that nature gives can help you cultivate reverence. In my own life, just placing my feet on the floor to connect with the earth first thing in the morning fills me with gratitude. Splashing water on my face connects me to the water that flows all over the planet. Drawing air deeply into my lungs as I glimpse the first rays of the sun brings a sense of joy, because fire, air, and prana have united in me. In those first moments of waking, I feel a deep connection to the earth. When we appreciate these connections, we can experience groundedness, abundant well-being, and a sense of belonging.

Be One With Earth 🌍

Deepen your connection to the Earth by tapping into the elemental energies swirling within each of us and find new ways to care for her.

One way to create a deeper sense of one-ness with Mother Earth is by consciously choosing to take in energy from the elements of nature, while focusing on the chakras that correspond to the physical elements of the larger world.

To do this, draw the subtle energy of the element—be it earth, water, fire, air, or ether—into the corresponding chakra within yourself. As you do this, you are strengthening and enhancing your own chakras, as well as reminding yourself that there is no separation between us and the planet; we are all truly one. As the Chandogya Upanishad teaches, “The essence of all beings is earth.”