A personal session is to work individually with an expert on your personal requests.
The duration of the session does not exceed two hours. After payment contact us to confirm the time of your appointment with therapist during the day, which is assigned to the entry.

Location: Paralimni, Cyprus

Date: 27 Nov

Expert: Leila El Moria

The session language: Russian, English

This therapist works with the following issues:

– Transformation of destructive emotional States, depression, despondency, repeated negative scenarios of life.

– Diagnostics of life purpose, fulfillment of creative potential, social realization.

– Healing of self-love, releasing childhood traumas, resentment, fear, jealousy, panic attacks, addictions.

– Healing of inner conflicts from within, working with shadow aspects of personality and archetypes, gaining integrity, inner freedom and self-confidence.

– Healing of femininity / balancing of female and male energies from within/ balancing of material and spiritual aspects of life.

– Healing work with personal karma and clearing genetic programs, healing toxic relationships, transformation at the DNA level, integration of new resources.

– Building a harmonious relationship with a loved one , a way out of a co-dependent relationship, the completion of destructive scenarios in partnerships, healing painful breakups/divorces, loss.

– The energy of abundance and prosperity in life, the restoration of a harmonious financial flow.

– Spiritual transformation, evolution of consciousness and the acquisition of personal maturity.

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