New cooperation is alive!

Happy to announce that EUROTAS member in cooperation with Heartfulness Institute starting their Cyprus initiative.

Life Psychology Club announce the launch of heart based Meditations Heartfulness, the practice of ancient Raja yoga adopted to the modern life style. This practice is very sufficient in regulating mind and achieving state of peace and balance in different accepts of life. Meditation is very profound way of shifting from thinking to feeling which is allowing us to live in tune with our real nature guiding us from within. Online group and Cyprus-center module have been launched to evaluate the project.

Dedicated Ambassador Leyla El Moria, trainer of Heartfulness meditation (certified in India) has been practicing meditation for the last 10 years, spend 4 years in the ashram of her spiritual Master getting experience of yoga, meditation and became a trainer of Heartfulness meditation since 2015.

Leyla will spend an entire month on Cyprus with Club members. The goal of this project is to answer all questions of audience about Heartfulness Meditation, to organize the space for practice, to share our insights and to teach this method for all who interested in getting such experience.

Fever down, February 2019 The Club Meditation’s group is invited to participate in seminar which will take a place in Kanha Shanti Vanam Ashram (India, Hyderabad) from February 1 to February 8, 2019.

Seminar participants will be fully emerge in the rhythm and daily ashram life events including organizing household for practitioners, lectures, and practices.

The goal of this seminar is to dive deeper into practice of Heartfulness meditation and to experience the real Ashram life with it’s daily life and events including lectures of spiritual speakers, individual and group meditation and meeting the Master Daaji.

We invite all EUROTAS participants to join us in this project. Our hearts are always open to you.

Your questions and proposals you can address to Life Psychology Club Press office

About Heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. Through our network of thousands of global HeartSpots and one magnificent smartphone app, we offer the world a daily practice that awakens our potential for simple, joyful existence. This precious gift of human transformation is offered free of charge. Heartfulness Meditation is practiced by millions of people worldwide helping humankind to live a heart-centered life, and find inner peace and balance.


About Life Psychology Club

The project of the Life Psychology Club was created in 2015 and since unites people, views, opinions, science, everyday events of ordinary people, and spiritual teachings in one place. The club is open to anyone who is open to the world and is ready to listen to him or herself. Networking is a powerful force of unity that stands behind the change of the tonality of today’s world. A world more peaceful, harmonious and creative.

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