Elena Ponomareva

Biologist, psychotherapist, philosopher, writer, creator and curator of programs, that aim to spread spiritual knowledge and methods of practical psychology for the daily benefit and prosperity of everyone.

A graduate of the English Warwick Business School, and three Russian universities with diplomas in fields of biology, psychology and economics (with honors). «After concluding my business career around the age of 40, I have, for five years, completely devoted myself to various spiritual practices, seminars and trainings.

Important life events:

— Understanding that social success is pleasant, but does not bring you inner happiness;

— Meeting with my mother, whom I have not seen for 35 years;

— The birth of two angels – my children;

— Understanding that ego is not only the greatest limitation of a person, but also our greatest protection – the center of Kabbalah, Moscow;

— Return to psychology after almost 20 years of following business career;

— Discovering the ability to write texts, that make people cry, laugh, feel and relive different moments of their lives;

— Awareness of all people being connected at the level of our hearts».

The author of the project LIFE PSYCHOLOGY, learning field and community for people in the domain of living and breathing science of the human soul, applicable to simple real life.

“I and my associates believe that science and psychology among other sciences aren’t called upon to give us ready-made recipes on how to fight the symptoms of human diseases and solve our problems.

Science and spiritual teachings in different words describe to us the principles of how to manage our personal space, general tendencies, analogies and rules for maintaining spiritual and physical health, just as ordinary hygiene does. If a healthy person understands the general principles then he or she can easily apply them in their lives or, in other words, manage their personal reality without any disharmony.

Steve Jobs once said, “I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates”. In this phrase alone, the man recognizes the essence of the present day. We, who lost contact with others, lost ourselves.

A person is revealed only through another person and our wisest teacher, life, gives us everything necessary to sense, feel and accept our neighbor so a person can discover and know oneself.

We have been taught for so long to be the best and use competition as a mean of self-assertion, that we began to rely on external values, forgetting about ourselves and our souls, manipulating others as our own private chess pieces on the chessboard of life. Losing oneself is no longer a personal concern. Loneliness is a scourge of modern times. People feel lonely despite being young, having families and being successful at work.

It is time to learn from this experience and move on to a new form of existence. It is time we advanced towards ability to transform and give, not only to defend ourselves and take. The change of attention focus and the consciousness energy flow, from survival and fear to love and connection with all things, works wonders.”

The project of the Life Psychology Club was created in 2015 and since unites people, views, opinions, science, everyday events of ordinary people, and spiritual teachings in one place. The club is open to anyone who is open to the world and is ready to listen to him or herself. Networking is a powerful force of unity that stands behind the change of the tonality of today’s world. A world more peaceful, harmonious and creative.

More information on the Club, its origins and events: www.lifepsychology.club
Web channel of the Club: www.heartbrook.com
Collaboration with professional communities: EUROTAS, European Association of Transpersonal Psychology http://eurotas.org/