Life Psychology Club is the member of EROTAS since summer 2018.

EUROTAS – founded as a network of friendships and evolving as professional joint ventures
The European Transpersonal Association came into existence through a group of health practitioners and researchers in science and spirituality. Founded in 1984 during the first European Transpersonal Conference in Brussels which was organized by the Belgian team, the interesting discussions at the first EUROTAS meetings led to engaged action, in a family-like atmosphere. Today EUROTAS has members from over 25 countries, and organizes conferences that cover both the scientific and spiritual aspects of life. At these conferences, one still feels part of the original EUROTAS family. What makes the European Transpersonal Association so special is its unique way of merging spirituality with scientific rigor, providing increased opportunities for cooperation, scholarship and exchange. EUROTAS Vision statement: A conscious and compassionate world where everyone holds everything as sacred. EUROTAS Mission statement: To integrate ancient wisdom and new science in contemporary life. EUROTAS Values: Compassion, cooperation, creativity, co-creation, sharing, interconnectedness, responsibility, confidence, trust, openness, honesty, integrity, humor, mindfulness, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, willingness surrender, sacredness, solidarity, forgiveness, respect, care, humility.

EUROTAS as a network of professionals
EUROTAS is a meeting point for professionals from over 20 European countries, Israel, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Australia and the US. Professionals come from the field of social sciences and further afield, including psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers, scientists from other disciplines, businessmen, and spiritual teachers. Their aims in a joint venture is to create better understanding and evaluation of how • individual and collective exploitation of resources can be stopped • the alienation of humankind can be overturned • gender differences can be overcome for the sake of a more humane world • the split between hatred and love can be healed Psychologists talk about the evolution of consciousness which is the basis of understanding and problem solving. The evolution of consciousness today may also include acknowledging ignorance, greed and anxiety as some of the main reasons for suffering in the world, and the prospect of their transformation into creativity and compassion.
There are huge undiscovered reservoirs of individual and collective creativity and deep potential for modern sophisticated rationality, that expresses an urgently appeal for union. With this transformation the world may well experience a huge meltdown that will set the energies of understanding, love and creativity free. There must be enough clarity and rigor in vision to face the damage of one-sided rationalism from the past; compassion, creativity and courage will ultimately override economic, ecological, and social pessimism which is unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles for the resolution of difficulties we face today.

EUROTAS currently hosts five departments: The European Society of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ESTP); the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR); the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Art Therapies (EDTAT); the EUROTAS Department of Education (EDE) and the EUROTAS Disaster Trauma Task Force (EDTTF). At present the core of ESTP is the EUROTAS Committee for Certification and Accreditation (ECCA). Professional therapists are invited to apply for the European Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy from this department. After certification their profiles will be published on the EUROTAS website. Training institutes, corresponding to the ESTP/ECCA criteria, are also invited to be accredited by EUROTAS. EUROTAS is co-editor of the scientific journal The Integral Transpersonal Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technologies. EUROTAS provides an online Newsletter, where all members can publish transpersonal news of events and short articles of interest.