For people who know that life is something more

than your apartment, your car, your summerhouse and meaningless time you spend doing not what you want, but “what you are required”.

When we get into the routine and nothing changes around us, we sign a contract to slowly fade away.

When we retain the flexibility, the openness to new experiences, the ability to accept something different in our lives, accept others, to share, to reveal our skills and to overcome insecurities, then we are able to remove the barriers of our affirmations. We release ourselves and let the flow of life go through us easily and freely, and we are imbued with this power and this light.

What Winter Campus will give you?

What will attending our Campus give you?

One is able to receive only at a time when one is ready for it. If this is your case – then you will be given opportunity to:

  • Physically rest by letting us take care of you. We will relieve you of troubling thoughts of when and where to spend your winter season.
  • Dive into the space of creativity, support, new knowledge and discoveries of your own creative self
  • Get to know firsthand success stories of different people
  • Attend to the best open lectures of higher educational facilities, institutes, and spiritual development centers of Europe and get acquainted with spiritual practices, meditations, detox methods, learn how to maintain psychological balance and quickly resolve crisis situations.
  • Try something new in our master classes and workshops
  • Meet new friends and people of kindred spirit

Cyprus, EUROUNION side, arrival airport – Larnaca.

Campus city: Paralimni, nearest cities Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Dates: 17 November 2018 – 17 February 2019. Minimum stay: one week.

Visa: pro-visa for Russia, Schengen is accepted, please check your visa requirements carefully.

Food and accommodation: family run apart-hotel, food options B&B (breakfast) или HB (breakfast and dinner). Nearest beach distance: 10 minutes by walk.

We need volunteers from time to time, especially during the Winter Campus. We are interested in SMM managers, masters of photo and video filming, editors for social networks.

To apply to become a volunteer you will need to provide us with your background, portfolio or short info about projects fulfilled, tell us why you feel you wish to become a volunteer of Winter Campus by Life Psychology Club on Cyprus during an interview and be ready to work minimum a month)) To start  please fill the application form.