Life Psychology Club

Life Psychology Club is a non-profit organization, created to unite the community in the learning field of living and breathing science of a human soul, the one we can use in our simple real life.

We support the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of physical and mental health, a healthy diet, reasonable physical exercises and the abandonment of bad habits. Life Psychology Club is a partner of #heartbrook — an information web-portal that unites the world of science and spiritual teachings with the opinion of ordinary people. Our headquarters is located on the island of Cyprus.

We bring together the community of socially responsible people who have set themselves the goal of bringing harmony into their personal lives, thus contributing to the development of society as a whole.

All the income and resources of the Club are 100% used to develop the project, to support its web portals, to create high-quality scientific and educational content, to pay volunteers and to conduct our events.

We support people in gaining confidence and discovering their creative abilities.

We demonstrate to youth an alternative view on the life scenario in which they don’t have to protect themselves from fear and merely survive. We support people in their transformation of beliefs of limitation, as well as in creation of aspirations and projects that help people make their wildest dreams come true.

The Club carries out outreach in the field of gender relations, conscious refusal of mutual manipulation and exploitation, as well as the transformation of the role models of husband and wife into an equal partnership in a flourishing creative union. We support women in revealing their inner strength, creativity, and involvement in the archetypical process of keeping family values, with a sense of self-esteem.

Life Psychology Club promotes the development of international educational contacts, supports the economic trend of mutual enrichment and splitting (in other words, co-sharing) of available resources. We are an independent platform for social communication and interaction. We provide an opportunity to resolve one of the most acute crises of our time — the loneliness, which happens even if you are young, married, and successful person. We say “yes” to the inner aspirations of each person’ soul. We say «yes» to the discovery and unification of our hearts with the world based on mutual intellectual support and development.

Specialists of the Club also perform the most difficult task of promoting the accumulated scientific and spiritual knowledge. The science of Psychology which was created in order to help every person, with time became filled with complicated terms, designs, and patterns, no longer perceivable without the help of interpreters or field experts. This is absolutely typical of any science and its’ application domains. However, I and my associates believe that the science of the human soul is more like a common hygiene rather than the description of cure recipes for certain diseases. If a healthy person comprehends the general principles of psychology he or she can use it in their life. In other words, the person can control his personal reality.


Every day we encounter the flow of life: we perceive different kinds of information, meet different people and get into certain situations. How do we live through these moments and how exactly do we make our choices about where and how we journey next?

There are millions of theories on how to build a happy life, and how to do all the right things and all the wrong things. Billions of recipes, books, movies, information pieces and even more individual opinions about making our life happier. The truth is that a happy life is not guaranteed by any of the above. In fact, the recipe for happiness is very individual, and every person must find his or hers’ on their own. We understand this and support all forms of personal education and development in order to reveal our inner potential.

The Club holds meetings, joint events, organizes open lectures, campuses, conferences, etc. We support article authors in their writing, we ensure copyrighting of the materials, we create educational content in a form of texts, audio, photo, and video lessons, and we conduct master classes, trainings, and seminars.

We take part in research and various educational projects.


The Club is being supported by people who have created the community of studying our consciousness through the means of transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology – is a branch of psychology which studies transpersonal experiences, altered states of consciousness and personal experiences by combining modern psychological concepts, theories, and methodology with traditional spiritual philosophies of Eastern and Western countries. The main ideas behind transpersonal psychology are non-duality, an extension of your consciousness past the regular boundaries of our ego, personal self-development and psychological wellbeing.


We consider persons’ psychological wellbeing to rest on inner balance and harmony, as well as striving to remove internal discord or internal duality. This inner balance is managed by the independent mind of the heart, which exists in agreement with persons’ beliefs and affirmations. Scientific findings presented by cutting-edge research confirm absolutely amazing facts on how management of a person’s state could be accomplished. The good news is that every normal person possesses all the necessary tools to do this on their own!

Research in this field is being conducted for example in the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California. In their work “The HeartMath Solution” founder of the Institute Doc Childre and his co-author Howard Martin present astonishing findings on how every heartbeat carries complicated messages which affect our emotions, our physical health and the quality of our lives.
In the recent years Dr. J.A. Armour, a neurology expert, made a mind-bending discovery that our heart possesses its’ own internal brain and its’ own nervous system.

This helped explain discovery made by physiologists from Fels Research Institute in 1970s that the “brain in the cranium” compliantly obeys messages coming from the “heart brain”.

Author of the remarkable bestselling book “The Biology of Belief”, biologist Bruce Lipton described how exactly our environment controls our internal self and why this process of biological reverse connection is possible. This not only proves that our beliefs can influence our life but that even changing our attitude and making our beliefs more flexible can influence it as well.
Spiritual practitioner, author of many bestselling books and host of TV shows Gregg Braden allows us, as well, to breach the boundaries of regular spirituality and explains in detail how we are able to create our own personal reality by changing our inner state and experiencing specific emotions. By doing so we are connected to the mind of the heart and focus on true human values such as love, faith, feeling blessed with our lives, gratitude, and acceptance.

Through the prism of quantum approach to our universe “Hidden parables: Activating the Secret of the Gospels” book by Todd Michael helps us understand a much deeper layer of this ancient knowledge. In fact, parables turn out to be not a separate, unrelated collection of stories but rather an encoded message that teaches us the art of true vision with our heart.


1. To bring together international teaching staff from the best Universities and training centers in the fields of psychology, philosophy, humanities, natural and social sciences with regular people in an open framework “beyond the classroom”;
2. To create and support an online and offline community of like-minded individuals attuned to spiritual and physical health
3. To support and advance methods of quick resolution of crisis situations;
4. To accumulate and popularize methods of discovering personal creative abilities;
5. To promote “Yes, I Can!” attitude as your personal contribution to a co-sharing economy;
6. To support and participate in various kinds of experiments aimed at exploring new ways of uncovering a person’s creative resources and manage his or her inner potential.

We support creative people who are willing to share their skills, abilities, and inspirations with our community. We invite you to join us as members of the Club as well as our readers.